Only here you can experience a unique feeling of relaxation and peace by purchasing a full body and facial treatment / ritual with hot Jadeite stones. From time immemorial, doctors have used these stones as a therapeutic tool. The stones had the power to extract negative energy from the human body and provide good. Various manipulations with stones in a few days restore a person’s well-being, physical vitality, emotional balance.

Jadeite stone is up to 50 times cleaner than the environment around us. From ancient times there is no doubt that jadeite stone protects human health and maintains youth. Therein lies a force that can affect a person’s physical and mental state, making a person happier. The effect of jadeite on the human body is determined by the incredibly strange structure of the stone itself. Jadeite is porous. Through those holes jadeite and affects the environment. From the human body, it absorbs harmful chemical compounds and balances metabolism in cells. The zeolite analcime contained in jadeite has a positive and healing effect on the human body. Silica acid is released from this stone, which has analgesic, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory effects. Jadeite has a stabilizing effect on concentrated energy, normalizes arterial blood pressure, strengthens the nervous system and male sexual potency, activates blood-producing organs and improves blood composition, relieves the body’s response to air changes, helps reduce lumbar pain, treats spine, liver, bladder and urinary tract diseases.