Only here you can get Restorative Facial Massage, which includes as many as 3 different facial massage techniques.

Restorative facial massage:

  1. Brightens and tightens facial skin, gives it vitality;
  2. Strengthens the facial muscles, performs “lifting” of the face;
  3. Intensively activates the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin;
  4. Provides cells with oxygen and nutrients, restores moisture balance;
Skaityti daugiau
  1. Improves lymph flow and blood circulation – regulates heart rate;
  2. Neutralizes skin micro-strains;
  3. Eliminates first stage wrinkles – lines;
  4. Reduces the length and depth of senile and facial wrinkles;
  5. Relaxes and removes accumulated tension;
  6. There is an alternative to plastic facial surgery.
Skaityti daugiau